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Horry County Schools Budget Increase in 2022

Education is always a high priority for families moving to a new location such as Myrtle Beach. Recent budget changes throughout the summer of 2022 have shown evidence for Horry County's priorities which could certainly affect the decisions for prospective movers to the Grand Strand area. 

Staffing issues have been a problem in Horry County, causing the school districts to seek out middle and high school teachers, specifically for math and science. Luckily, the Horry County School Board has taken action by approving a new budget of over $890 million. If that doesn't excite you, then take pleasure in knowing that the new budget shouldn't affect your taxes whatsoever. 

The new budget accounts…

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Best Walking Trails near Myrtle Beach

New residents of Myrtle Beach and the general area of the Grand Strand have multiple options to keep in shape. Just to name a few, community fitness centers, local gyms, golf clubs, and sports complexes appeal to all types of people. That being said, there's nothing quite like taking in the fresh air, local fauna, and small wildlife sightings while maintaining your figure. Let's take a look at just some of the popular options in or near Myrtle Beach.

Brookgreen Gardens

Located southwest of Murrells Inlet, Brookgreen Gardens is a 9000+ acre paradise of botanical gardens, sculptures, and the Lowcountry Zoo. General Gardens are open from 9:30am - 5:00pm daily. Tickets are free for children 3 & under.…

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Smart Home Automation

Smartphones have changed our lives in so many ways, so why not make every aspect of our lives "smart" as well? Smart home concepts have become more popular over the last few years, especially due to smart doorbell cameras like Ring. Smart home automation can be intimidating and it can take a ton of research to gather enough information to make it successful. To alleviate fears of the unknown and offer a few ideas for your upcoming smart home, we've gathered a list of home additions that'll leave you wondering how you ever lived without them. 

Amazon Alexa and Google Home

There's a good chance that you own one or both of these devices already. Some folks only use it as a home version of Siri, but it can be much more.…

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HOA CommunityWhat is an HOA?

HOA is an abbreviation for a homeowners association. As a non-profit organization, HOAs regulate subdivisions of homes, condos, or planned developments through the implementation of rules and regulations.

The purpose of HOAs is to protect and improve property values for community residents. These associations restrict the activities of homeowners while maintaining common areas to ensure their upkeep.

What Does an HOA Do?

Each HOA comes with dues or fees required by the end of the month, quarter, semester, or year. All HOA members are allowed to vote for the HOA president or board of directors who are responsible for managing the HOA. Fees may or may not include maintenance for private streets, gates, and sidewalks. 

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