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Smart Home Automation

Smartphones have changed our lives in so many ways, so why not make every aspect of our lives "smart" as well? Smart home concepts have become more popular over the last few years, especially due to smart doorbell cameras like Ring. Smart home automation can be intimidating and it can take a ton of research to gather enough information to make it successful. To alleviate fears of the unknown and offer a few ideas for your upcoming smart home, we've gathered a list of home additions that'll leave you wondering how you ever lived without them. 

Amazon Alexa and Google Home

There's a good chance that you own one or both of these devices already. Some folks only use it as a home version of Siri, but it can be much more. Use Home or Alexa as a hub to alter security, temperature control, lighting, sound, and more. Which one you choose is ultimately up to personal choice. Google Home is often said to Google Home is said to be marginally worse with device integration, but is better at natural language recognition due to Google's domination in the search engine market.

Smart Bulbs

Like the Ring doorbell, smart bulbs are typically one of the first additions to a budding smart home. The pricey Philips Hue is usually noted as the superior product of the industry, but there are also cheaper alternatives like Sengled Smart Bulbs and GE Cync LED Light Bulbs

There are many different options from each brand, so take care to decide how you wish to use them. LED light strips are great for covered, outdoor lighting, or to illuminate areas, such as underneath your cabinets. Multi-colored lights are also an option. Use your smartphone, Alexa, or Google Home device to easily choose from thousands of colors. Consider orange lighting for Halloween or red and green for Christmas. Perhaps you may also simply enjoy a shade of blue while relaxing at night. Home theaters are perfect for this addition as well. 

Smart bulbs are also excellent timers. Turn them on and off at specific hours of the day. This makes for an excellent alarm clock! Advanced users may even consider pairing the lights with motion sensors.

One of the common mistakes to keep in mind is the difference between a wifi bulb and a Bluetooth bulb. We recommend wifi bulbs as they tend to work with more products, but check to see what option works best for devices you already own, like Alexa or Google Home. Be sure to read product pages or packaging thoroughly before making a purchase.


Alexa and Google Home are both great dedicated speakers considering their low pricing combined with phenomenal features. However, larger homes may benefit from products like Sonos. Purchase home theater sound systems, portable speakers, and subwoofers to play together throughout the entire house, or individual rooms or speakers. Combine it with Spotify or Pandora to have a fully functioning sound system with nearly unlimited music.


Once again, it comes down to Google vs Amazon or in this case, Next vs Ring. These very comparable products from Google and Amazon both have similar features and add-ons. A Nest smart home system may be the best choice if you prefer simple connectivity and advanced video resolution. Ring may be a better choice if you are looking for the lowest-priced system and don't mind DIY monitoring. For an in-depth comparison between Next and Ring, TechRadar has come up with a useful review.

Temperature Control

If you've decided to add the Google Nest security device as mentioned under "Security," you may be interested in Nest Learning Thermostat to minimize integration errors in the future. That probably leaves you wondering if Amazon Ring has a comparable product. Amazon endorses Honeywell's devices to integrate with their systems, which are comparable in price to Nest.

Family Care

Protect the joys of your life and always claim peace of mind when it comes to your newborns. Baby monitors are nothing new, but they continue to become smarter with each passing year. Crystal clear 1080p displays, smartphone apps, Alexa & Home integration, and night vision all make up one of the most valuable purchases you can make for your family.

We all love our pets, but no one can deny that they can sometimes be a hassle or limit your daily activities. Let home automation help you out! There are many automatic feeders available that integrate with Home or Alexa and automatically feed your pets at scheduled times. Just remember to read whether or not your selected feeder is compatible with your smartphone and/or home hub.

Appliances and Misc.

There are just so many possibilities for a smart home, it is difficult to keep up. In the future, any time you wish to purchase a new small or large appliance, keep home automation in mind. Search on Google, Walmart, Target, and Amazon for the appliance along with the word, "smart", e.g. smart toaster, smart refrigerator, smart photo frame. Chances are that you'll be provided with many choices for home solutions. 

We hope this short article helps provide a basic understanding of the joys of home automation. The more you lean into the concept, the easier your life will be. From verbally commanding your lights to turn off or change color, to scheduling a meal for your faithful canine companion. Enjoy your new smart home!


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